Dr. Crowe speaking at the 7th World Congress of the World Institute of Pain

May 5, 2014

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Dr. Crowe is speaking at the  7th World Congress of the  World Institute of  Pain  taking place in Maastricht in the Netherlands from May 7th-10th. Thousands of people suffering intractable pain around the world now benefit from various types of implanted Neurostimulator devices that stimulate nerves and  allow these patients to lead normal lives.

Up until very recently these devices were not MRI compatible so patients with neuromodulators either could not have an MRI scan or had to have the implanted device removed in order to enter an MRI scanner. A new generation of devices is now coming on the market that allows patients to undergo MRI scanning with the device in place. This is a particular consideration now that MRI is used not only for diagnosis but also for treatment, e.g. the MRgFUS (MRI guided Focused Ultrasound) treatment of uterine fibroids.

Dr. Crowe is speaking at a symposium on “The importance of MRI safety in neuromodulation” on “The need for MR conditionally safe systems”.