Self – Funding

It is not necessary to have private health insurance to avail of private medical care. More and more people are choosing to self-fund private treatment  and are finding costs are often less than they had anticipated. Private medical care offers prompt and efficient diagnosis and treatment with your choice of consultant, at a time that suits you, in a clean and pleasant hospital environment.

Upon request price quotes can be obtained for the various treatments offered by Dr. Crowe. Having an initial consultation and scan does not commit you to proceeding with treatment and for more expensive high tech procedures the individual private hospitals can often offer a range of payment options. Although Dr. Crowe’s professional fees are standard regardless of treatment site the total costs are usually lower in Birmingham, reflecting higher hospital and clinic charges in central London.

For diagnostic scans Dr. Crowe can offer ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning at very reasonable self-fund rates that also vary from one private hospital to another. Plain X-Rays required for immigration and pre-employment health screening purposes can also be arranged. Please enquire.