Radiology & Scanning

What is radiology?

Radiology is a medical speciality that uses imaging modalities such as ultrasound, CT scanning and MRI scanning, to diagnose disease. There have been numerous high tech advances over the years and radiologists are specially trained doctors whose job it is to interprate the images and advise on which type of x-ray or scan is the best investigation in any given situation.

X-Rays were first discovered by Roentgen in 1895 and went into widespread use for medical purposes very soon afterwards. Recent years have seen an explosion of development in medical imaging with the availability of complex ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning. Even plain x-rays have evolved and instead of being printed on film are now more commonly viewed as digital images that can be manipulated on a computer workstation and sent around the hospital or around the world on computer networks such as PACS (picture archiving and communications systems).

As the technology becomes more advanced the degree of subspecialisation within Radiology increases. Dr. Crowe works with large teams of colleagues in both the NHS and private hospitals and for enquiries about investigations outside his own areas of subspecialist expertise he will be happy to recommend an appropriate colleague for the particular problem.

CT scanner black backgroundLung CT Scan (1)