Testicular Scanning

Regular testicular self-examination is advisable. Any swelling or lump in the scrotum must be taken seriously as testicular cancer is the commonest malignancy in younger men and can be successfully treated if picked up early. Fortunately the vast majority of swellings turn out to be nothing serious, simple cysts being the commonest cause. A cyst is essentialy a small fluid collection that may arise from the testicle itself or, more commonly, from the epididymis or tubes.  Another common benign (non-cancerous) swelling is a varicocele which is varicose veins affecting the veins around the testicle, usually on the left side. Testicular ultrasound scanning can readily diagnose or exclude serious problems.

An ultrasound scan takes only a few minutes and can provide welcome reassurance that there is no serious problem. It is a painless procedure that involves putting some ultrasound gel on the skin surface and scanning with an ultrasound probe. The results are instantaneous and Dr. Crowe discusses the scan findings with you at the time. All scans are performed on state of the art scanners and routinely include Doppler ultrasound assessment that also examines the blood supply and veins.

Testicular ultrasound scanning is available at all of Dr Crowe’s practice locations. The fees are billed by the individual hospital or clinic and vary but are generally around £220-£280 depending on location.

Varicocoele Ultrasound (1)